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Rwanda Cultural Dance Troupe

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If you are looking for a corporate entertaining solution for your clients in Rwanda, look no more. Inganji Cultural Dance Troupe provide the perfect Rwanda traditional cultural entertainment options that will wow your guests and leave them with great memories of the rich Rwandan culture and traditions.


The earliest form of social organisation in the area (Rwanda) was the clan (ubwoko). Thereafter the clans began to coalesce into kingdoms and by 1700 around eight kingdoms, which had monarchy as the system of government, existed in present-day Rwanda. The monarchs lived in and carried out their administrative and social functions at royal courts.  Traditionally, music and dance were and are an integral part of Rwandese culture and the various elements of performances reflect activities including ceremonies, festivals and gatherings at and around the Royal Court.

Music as a mode of cultural production and communication had the function of entertainment, political, religious, and educational, work-related, or mnemonically to recall past events. Music was not only to share a participatory ethic but also for presentation (especially for music specialists including drummers at royal courts),


Dance not only included music, but was a complex interactive affair involving movement, theater, sculpture, and religion, whose styles and organization served as social metaphors that communicated aesthetic preferences, issues of kinship, gender, status, and age.


The most renowned traditional dance routines are roughly divided into four types:

  1. Intore- the dance of warriors.

 Young men developed and espoused the qualities of a warrior (Intore). The dance displays agility, strength and composure, and the regalia are reminiscent of the lion.

  1. Umushagiriro/Umushayayo- the dance of women.

This dance was performed by women and it symbolizes and celebrates the elegant movement of various animals that grace the country including elephants and gazelles to the traditionally most revered bovine, the cow.


  1. Ukurambagiza- a dance of males and females.

This dance at best can be described as courtship.It is impressive by definition and the dancers call this “the dance of fiancés”.

  1. The Royal Drummers.

The drummers are thirteen in number as number (13) signified the traditional symbol of royal power. The drumming was traditionally performed by men, on drums known as ingoma.  These drums where very important as they announced the presence of the King and were also used as a medium of communication from the King to his subjects and allies.  For their role, royal drummers enjoyed high status within the court of the King

Inganji Cultural dance troupe.

In Kinyarwanda, the name ‘inganji’ means victory from a battle.

The inganji dance troupe is a group of around 45 Rwandese artists with immense talent on drama, music and dance. As a group their goal is to preserve, educate, enterntain and share to all, about Rwanda’s rich culture and heritage through music and dance. Their dance routines are reminiscent of life at the royal courts just as their forefathers performed.

Inganji dance troupe gathers students from different districts of Kigali and other regions of Rwanda.

The troupe started dancing at Rwandan weddings, followed by local and international fairs. In July 2007 we had a successful show at the China Trade fair as well as another in September 2012 at the Republic of Congo. They performed at the Opening of the World cup in South Africa Year 2008.



As we are amongst the most recognized dance troupes in the country in a bid to expand our mandate we have introduced a new cultural tour to those who wish to visit and experience Rwandan culture in songs and dance from different parts of the country: East, West, North and South.


The show commences with drums, then “Umushagiriro”, followed by the “the dance of fiancés”. Thereafter, the “Intore dance” which dispalys the triumphant return of the warriors


New in Kigali Town

Inganji cultural tour is changing traditional perceptions of what constitutes tourism by turning fate into fame through sharing various aspects of urban, rural cultures and livelihoods into tourist attractions and creating income-generating activities mostly for young generation. The culture tour provides tourists experiences beyond sight seeing, wildlife viewing, people, culture and how we live.

Location and contacts of the dance troupe

 The dance troupe is located in Kigali and performance is inside the Nyamirambo stadium.

 Days/ Hours: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5pm


Price: 25$ per person/ minimum 2 people 

PS: Need special performances at your venue? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  


Contact person in Rwanda

1. Norbert Gatera

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tel: +250788443687 (MTN)



Tel: +250788830478

Find us on twitter @inganjitroupe

Find us on facebook@Inganji Troupe 


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