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Karibu Rwanda Directory : 

Gorilla Trekking Permits Rwanda 2015/2016>Rwanda Gorilla Permit

Looking for gorilla permits in Rwanda? frustrated with un-answered emails for your Rwanda gorilla permits availability? Karibu Rwanda can assist you purchase your Rwanda gorilla permits at a very small administration fee. The current price of a Rwanda gorilla permit is US$750.

Fortunately ever since the Rwanda gorilla permits fee hike effective June 2012, the demand for Rwanda Volcanoes National Park gorilla permits is not as fierce as it used to be. We will thus be able to secure most gorilla trekking permits for Rwanda for you without you undergoing so much stress. To ensure that we make the whole process of acquiring your Rwanda gorilla permits stress free, when you wire funds to us, we request that you send us a wire advice note, and on that basis we use our own funds domiciled in Kigali to secure your gorilla permits without any delay.
For flexibility you may wire money into either our London bank account or into our Kigali account. We also accept credit card payments BUT only for those permits that are not very urgent as the credit card payment process slows down the gorilla permits acquisition process by a few valuable days as the funds have to be routed through our US bank account and onward to Kigali.
Upon purchase of your PNV Rwanda gorilla permits, for your peace of mind we will scan and email you copies of your gorilla permits. Your originals will be handed over to you on arrival to Rwanda, for your convenience either at the airport especially if you are renting a 4x4 vehicle from us, or we can have your gorilla permits delivered to your Kigali hotel accommodation. In rare cases we shall also deliver your gorilla permits to your lodge/guesthouse in PNV for those clients not transiting through Kigali.
To advise us your gorilla permits requirements, simply send us an email to
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
and leave the rest to us. We aim to reply to all enquiries within 4 hrs.
In addition, we offer a 4x4 car rental service at very competitive rates, plus a Kigali, PNV and Rwanda accommodation booking service at no cost to the clients as we get paid booking commissions by the lodges. In some cases we may even be able to conjure up a discount for you that you otherwise wouldn't have received from the lodges direct.

Frequently asked questions.
1. How long does it take for one to establish gorilla permits availability?
We aim to confirm availabilities within 2 hrs during working hours. If however you contact us after 17:00hrs Kigali time, we advise availability by 10:00am Kigali time the next working day. Saturday is a 1/2 working day, except the last Saturday of the month when offices are closed for Umuganda.

2. How would I receive my gorilla permits?
When we purchase your Rwanda gorilla permits, we scan and email you copies of the same as soon as possible. Your originals are then kept in our safe deposit box in Kigali. They get delivered to you on arrival to Kigali by our driver guide or by one of our travel executives. We do not recommend posting gorilla permits to your home address, just incase they get lost through the post.
3. Do you arrange transportation and car hire?
Yes we do. As a value added service for our ardent clients we arrange both self drive and with driver car rental at very competitive rates. Please be advised that on the morning of your gorilla trek you would require access to a 4x4 vehicle to get you from park headquarters to the gorilla trekking trailheads and then back to your lodge after your gorilla treks. 4x4 vehicles are recommended as the dirt tracks to some starting points are fairly muddy and slippery during the rainy season.
4. Can I choose which gorilla group to track?
Your driver guide will be able to ask on your behalf when you assemble at the park headquarters on the morning of your gorilla trek during the pre-gorilla trekking briefing session at 07:00am. For those adrenalin pumping fitness fanatics who prefer a more strenuous arduous trek, we recommend that you request to trek the Susa group.
5. How do i contact you to set up the process.
We prefer that you contact us via email at
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

For those who prefer to call us, we have a number of contact phone numbers for you to choose from. You cannot miss us. We request that if you cannot reach us on one of the numbers, you try the next one on the list. We could be busy on another call, attending to one of our ardent esteemed traveller clients. We shall be pleased to take your call or read from you.
Last but not least if you are happy with our service please kindly assist us let us other travellers know about our service offering or in rare cases if you are unhappy about any aspects of our service, we prefer that you let us know about it in the first instance.
Thank you.


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US$750 per permit +10% admin fee

contact us on karibu@kariburwanda.com

Credit Cards

amex, master card, visa, paypal, bank wire transfers.

(Some fees may apply)

Yearly Closing Dates

Gorilla trekking is all year round.

Contact Details



Email: karibu@kariburwanda.com


gorilla permits rwanda>buy rwanda gorilla permit

General Manager:

gorilla trekking permit rwanda

Assistant Manager:

price of rwanda gorilla permit.

gorilla permits in rwanda,
buying gorilla permits rwanda, purchase gorilla permits in Rwanda,
Telephone: +256.779.459.917 +44.790.863.9450

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