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paraa safari lodge uganda>luxury accommodation murchison falls park uganda,
paraa lodge murchison falls uganda>paraa lodge uganda, paraa lodge uganda,
Telephone: +256.392.897.704, +44.208.765.1058
Paraa Safari Lodge is located in Murchison Falls National Park, North West Uganda. The 40 metre wide River Nile, on it's journey from its source at Lake Victoria to join Lake Albert, is suddenly compressed into a gor ...
Paradis Malahide Gisenyi,
Gisenyi Paradis Malahide Hotel Rwanda, Paradis Malahide Hotel Rwanda,
Telephone: +256.392.897.704, +44.208.765.1058
Paradis Malahide Hotel Gisenyi is perhaps one of the best value for money accommodation in Gisenyi Rwanda. The reviews from past guests are very encouraging, especially when you consider the room rates. A perfect atmo ...
Category: Rwanda Hotels
Uganda and Tanzania
Telephone: +256.779.459.917 +44.208.765.1058
uganda primates tours, bird safaris, chimpanzee trekking, serengeti game safaris, uganda vacation packages,game safaris uganda This is the ultimate combination safari including Gorilla trekking, chimpanzees on Ngamba ...
Protea Hotel Kampala ,Kololo,
Telephone: +256-779.459.917, +44-208-7651058
Protea Hotel-Kampala, luxury hotel accommodation in Kampala. Situated in the upmarket suburb of Kololo in Kampala, only 35km from Entebbe Airport, the brand new Protea Hotel Kampala offers guests 4-star luxury and 5-star ...
Category: Uganda Hotels
Telephone: +256-779.459.917, +44-208-7651058
protea hote-kampala, the ideal conference venue in kampala,uganda. Situated in the upmarket suburb of Kololo in Kampala, only 35km from Entebbe Airport, the brand new Protea Hotel Kampala offers GUESTS 4-star luxury ...
Pakuba Safari Lodge,
256, Budget Safari Lodges Murchison Falls National Park,
Murchison Falls National Park Accommodation,
Telephone: +256.392.897.704, +44.790.863.9450
Pakuba Safari Lodge Pakuba Safari Lodge found in North Western part of Uganda. The Lodge is set up on the Eastern banks of the Albert Nile in Murchison Falls National Park. Pakuba Safari Lodge has 46 guest room ...
Pal apartments Kampala,
Pal apartments Kabowa, Kampala,
Telephone: +256.779.459.917, +44-208-7651058
Pal apartments are situated along Entebbe Road. These are furnished apartments away from the hectic Kampala noise. Pal apartments Kampala offer the guest discounted accommodation, with the luxury and comfort you would ...
Category: Uganda Apartments
Pal suites,Entebbe Road,Kampala,
Telephone: +44-208-7651058, +256.779.459.917
Pal Suites, affordable good value for money accommodation in Kampala. Pal Suites Kampala offer the guest discounted accommodation, with the luxury and comfort you would expect in a 3 star hotel. Pal suites are loca ...
Avenue de l'Armée / Avenue de la République,
kigali, kiyovu,
Telephone: +256-779.459.917, +44-208-7651058
restaurants in kigali panorama restaurant Location: 4th floor Opening Hours: 06:00 - 10:30 for breakfast and 19:00 - 23:00 for dinner Dress code: Smart casual Menu: French and international cuisine Capacity: 75 s ...
Papaya Holiday Home Muyenga,
Muyenga guest houses, Kampala budget accommodation,
Telephone: +256.392.897.704 +44.790.863.9450
Papaya Holiday Home is a boutique guest house situated in a serene, secure and quiet and much sought after neighbourhood of Tank Hill Muyenga. Muyenga is one of the original and most organised living suburbs of Kamp ...
Provides you with the best written projects you need.
Telephone: +256.779.459.917
Parc National des Volcans - PNV protects the Rwandan side of the Virunga volcanoes, a range of six extinct and 3 live volcanoes which border Uganda, Rwanda and DRC. The highest peak ,Karisimbi reaches 4,507m. The volca ...
Category: Rwanda Tourism
Kigali apartments,
apartments in Nyarutarama> Kigali Rwanda, Nyarutarama Kigali,
Telephone: +44.790.863.9450, +250.788.461.913
Furnished serviced apartments in the peaceful, quiet suburb of Nyarutarama Kigali>Rwanda. Park View Courts is an Apart Hotel development located in secure, upmarket and leafy area of Nyarutarama Kigali Rwanda. The ap ...
Category: Rwanda Apartments
Parkview Safari Lodge, Queen Elizabeth National Park,
+256, Budget Safari Lodges Queen Elizabeth National Park,
Uganda Budget Safari Lodges,
Telephone: +256.392.897.704, +44.790.863.9450
Parkview Safari Lodge is 394kms from Kampala at Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth National Park periphery with the view of the Great Rift Valley, Kazinga channel which connects Lake Edward and Lake George and Rwenzori Mo ...
Cyangugu, Lake Kivu,
Telephone: +256.779.459.917, +44-208-7651058
Peace Guest House is located by Lake Kivu in the town of Cyangugu in the South-West of Rwanda. It has 16 bedrooms and 5 units each with 2 bedrooms, bathroom and sitting room. Peace guest house was built to generate ...
Pearl Apartments Kampala>Buziga Furnished apartments,
furnished apartments for rent kampala>Pearl Apartments Buziga, serviced apartments for rent Kampala,
Telephone: +256-779.459.917, +44.208.765.1058
Pearl apartments are situated in the upmarket Kampala suburb of Buziga Kampala. Pearl Apartments are fully serviced and fully furnished apartments in a high class neighbourhood with fantastic views of Lake Victoria. ...
Ssese Islands>Pearl Gardens Beach Hotel>Ssese Islands>Uganda,
accommodation at Ssese islands, Pearl Gardens Beach Hotel>Ssese Islands,
Telephone: 0392-897704.0779.459.917
Pearl Gardens Beach Resort on Ssese Island is a quiet private hotel, on one of the Islands of Lake Victoria. Its wooden bandas, family cottages and camping tents, only minutes from the beach. Superbly appointed, most ...
Category: Uganda Resorts
tanzania rwanda safaris,
rwanda gorilla trekking, tanzania game safaris,
Tanzania and Rwanda
Telephone: +256.779.459.917, +44-208-7651058
tanzania safari packages, tanzania rwanda combo safaris, holidays tanzaia and rwanda, rwanda vacation packages. Begin with an exciting safari to Tanzania's North Western region that is designed for travelers who would ...
primate lodge kibale forest uganda,
accommodation in kibale forest uganda, primate lodge>kibale park uganda,
Telephone: +256-779.459.917, +44.208.765.1058
Primate lodge kibale forest is luxury Tented Camp, consisting of eight unique safari tents in African style. The tents at Primate Lodge are raised on a wooden platform, with a private veranda overlooking the forest. ...
Telephone: +256.779.459.917
Gorillas Uganda’s star attraction is the endangered mountain gorilla, the bulkiest of living primates, and among the most peaceable. Staring into the pensive brown eyes of these gentle giants, who share 95% of their gen ...
Category: Uganda Tourism
birding vacation rwanda,
chimp tracking nyungwe rwanda, gorilla holiday packages rwanda,
Telephone: +256.392.897.704, +44.208.765.1058
This safari itinerary is designed for bird lovers wishing to go on birding tours in Rwanda. While birding in Nyungwe, one also gets to experience a canopy walk, or track chimps, making this tour package a primates and bi ...
Protea Hotels Entebbe>accommodation near Entebbe Airport,
luxury hotel accommodation Entebbe Uganda, Protea Hotel Entebbe> boutique hotels Entebbe,
Telephone: +256.392.897.704, +44.790.863.9450
Protea Hotel Entebbe> Entebbe Protea Hotel Uganda> hotels Entebbe>luxury hotels near Entebbe Airport. The newly built(2012) 75-roomed Protea Hotel Entebbe is conveniently located 1 km from Entebbe Airport making it id ...
Category: Uganda Hotels

Results 1 - 22 of 22
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Fallen in love with the allure of Africa through a visit to Rwanda? Try exploring the rest of the African continent. Africa safari vacations afford you the best of all worlds. You'll get to explore the wild safari holiday and vacation side of Africa while enjoying cheap car hire vacation holiday safari rates. be sure to check out rwanda Uganda gorilla vacations. The high peak times usually enjoy the best safari tours.

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